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Optimize your business operations and drive growth with Synorex ERP’s comprehensive, user-friendly, and scalable enterprise resource planning solutions.



Front lets you spend your development time on product improvements.

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Imagine a vast collection of business apps at your disposal.

Each app simplifies a process and empowers more people.
Imagine the impact when everyone gets the right tool for the job, with perfect integration.

All the tech in one platform

Enterprise software
done right.

Startup to Enterprise

Available to SaaS for FREE; PaaS for SMEs; and Self-hosted for Enterprise.

No hidden cost

No usage-based pricing, no feature upselling, no long term contracts, no hosting limits, no surprises… just a license fee and optional add-on fees.

A unique value proposition

No vendor lock-in

No proprietary data format, just Excel – you own your data. You can download and export all the data anytime.

Highly customizable

Synorex Team provide customize service like automate actions, design custom screens, custom reports, or web hooks.

No corporate bullsh*t

Anonymous competitor: “Our company profile got XX years experience and got…”

Synorex: “Start your free trial first”